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The popularity of soapstone is gradually increasing among homeowners. Soapstone is quarried from the earth’s surface, and the best part about it is that the stone is natural. It is soft, and it has a soapy feeling hence its name. Soapstone is usually installed in various parts of the house for various reasons. Kitchen countertops, bathroom and fireplaces are some of the places where soapstone can be installed in the house. The stone brings out the attractive and appealing nature of whichever part of the house it gets installed. Its maintenance is quite easy since when it develops a crack or chip, you need to file the place and it returns to being smooth. If you decide to install it as your kitchen countertop, you are likely to experience the benefits that come with it.

Unlike most naturally obtained stones, soapstone is long lasting. It does not wear out easily because it is hard. Your grandchildren can have the pleasure of using it before it even begins to wear out. Soapstone does not allow any liquids to sip through it. The fact that it is non-absorbent means that it will not soften over time until it breaks. It is also a healthy choice since it does not grow bacteria.

Furthermore, soapstone is heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures without cracking. Accidents are prone to happen in the kitchen such as dropping off a hot pan on the kitchen countertop surface made of soapstone. The surface always remains intact causing no need to panic. After removing a hot pan from the stove, there will be no need of placing a folded towel on the countertop to place the hot pan. Kitchen hassle is reduced as placing of the hot pan on the countertop is not an issue.

The stone is eco-friendly. No toxic substance is usually added to the stone, and the stone is one hundred per cent recyclable. One needs not to worry about emission of any toxic substances or gases by the stone.

Soapstone is cost effective when compared to other stones. Since you will be purchasing the whole slab to fit into your kitchen, the cost will be quite high. You may not need professional contractors, however, to install the slab into your kitchen. Furthermore, it will be a long-term investment because of its durability. No extra funds will be required later for another purchase of anew slab because it is long lasting. It gets even better when you decide to sell your house. The house’s aesthetic value will be high, and it will not require any refurbishing. With the above advantages, it is therefore important to consider soapstone as your kitchen countertop.

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