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Best Ways to Start a Story

The success of everything you do in life, including writing a book that can sell, requires you to be a person of great determination, very sacrificial and also willing to invest a lot in the venture. When it comes to offering a book or a novel, the basic rule is to invest in yourself especially when it comes to broadening your thinking and imaginations because you need content that can rate high and motivate the people reading. Any good writer is an excellent reader, especially because writing most of the times at the imaginations of the mind out of an experience you had, or others had in their lives. Writing a complete book requires you to know every part of the book such as the conclusion, the body, but most importantly the introduction of the body plays a great role in the selling of your book. Every part of the book has an important role, but the opening will determine if people will buy your book or not because if the introduction story is not eye-catching, then people avoid the book and consider reading others and that is willing to work on the introduction part of your book. Therefore, your beginning story should always be a very important point of focus as you write a novel, an article or a book. Discussed in this article are some of the ways you can start your story.

Importantly, it is important to understand that there are different styles of starting a story. Every author will adopt a different technique that suits the story in their book and that is very important to understand to stop rushing into content that will not benefit your book. One of the beautiful ways of starting a story of a book or novel you are writing is by identifying a contradictory character of the book mostly known as identification of the protagonist. This should be the storyline or a character whose fate matters a lot in the story. For example, your central focus might be on an evil person or a hero and that should be the storyline of your novel. What this means is that when a reader goes through the introduction story, they should be able to sympathize or identify a character they care about in the rest of the book, from the beginning of the book. Importantly, it is important to begin a story with crucial memories that are very core to the story you are writing. Cast unforgettable scene or shadow of the book made be murder or mystery but should be a scene that shows dilemma or choice of powerful emotions because that what motivates the reader.

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