Pros and Cons of Liposuction

The arrival of spring and summer can obliterate a person’s confidence. The previous winter and end-of-year holidays increases the demand for aesthetic operations. The two most requested cosmetic procedures are undoubtedly breast augmentation and liposuction.

How to maintain results

This article will answer one of the questions that most patients ask their surgeons, both women and men, who want to undergo liposuction. This question is: Are the effects of liposuction permanent?

Although the benefits of having liposuction are many, most doctors highlight the improvement of the patient’s physical appearance through the removal of fat. Since fat is removed via surgery, the disappearance of cellulite is another advantage. Although during treatment, the fat cells in the treated area are destroyed, this does not prevent the fat from accumulating in other parts of the body.

Diet and exercise are the keys to prevent fat from reappearing

To avoid fat from appearing in other parts of the body, it is necessary that the patient changes his or her lifestyle. The first change people should consider is to start exercising regularly after the postoperative period is over, which should not exceed one month (usually). Also, in the days following surgery, patients are advised to exercise cautiously.

Walking is the most appropriate exercise during the postoperative period because, in addition to burning calories, it also prevents the occurrence of complications after the operation (like the formation of clots). It is more appropriate to exercise regularly but do so vigilantly. Sports that help burn calories also prevent the appearance of fat. Also, exercising has many more benefits such as disease prevention, increased strength and muscle strength, etc.

Other habits

The second habit that needs to be changed is the person’s diet. The phrase “you are what you eat” is very real. If, after liposuction, the patient continues to eat as they did before, it is likely that the fat will appear in other parts of his body. To avoid this, it is necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

The consumption of fruits and vegetables should be the basis of food and proteins should come from fish or lean meats. Also, it is recommended to steer clear of sugar, simple carbohydrates and saturated fats or do so sparingly. Find out more about Dr. Zacharia at Instagram.